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Potamoi Lake

The lake of Potami is shaped by the Potami dam, in Amari plain. It was built in 2008. The dam is located in the verdant valley of Amari, 25km south of Rethymno.
The quite new lake has a capacity of 23 million cubic meters and is expected to become one of the most important wetlands in the southeast Mediterranean. Already, many species of birds and animals have appeared in the area. Visitors of the wider area visit the dam and admire the beautiful scenery.
On July 2014, the dam came to light when two firefighters accidentally saw a crocodile, 2m long, on the shore! It was apparently freed by someone unconscious. Various Services participated in the capture of the lovely reptile, however they didn’t manage to trap it. The crocodile passed away in March 2015, after a really heavy winter for the Cretan standards.

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