Renaissance festival of Rethymno



The Rethymnon Renaissance Festival aims at becoming a centre for the revitalization and support of cross cultural exchange among people, as well as between Science and Art in the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Europe.

This dialogue, up to the present times, has been characterized not only by exchange of cultural elements, but, mainly, by debates, disputes, and wars. The concept of Renaissance has been central in our aims, and essential for the festival’s identity. We do not wish to restrict the festival to the presentation of artistic forms or scientific achievements from the historical period of Renaissance.

We aim at establishing it in people’s consciousness as actions revolving round a robust axis from which stems the creation of cultural actions in the present time. In this way it revitalizes and invigorates the ways in which we LIVE, EXPERIENCE and not just represent the different cultural traditions.

Our hope is to weave creatively the bonds between past and present times and to revitalize the way of approaching arts and science in connection to our relationship with nature (which has been among the basic quests of artists in the era of European Renaissance).

We believe and feel that Nature and Art form two versions of the same core and we hope that the Festival will help us all experience this feeling. Thus, the Festival’s main goal is to present different ways of expressing ourselves, and to help “renaissance” take place within people’s conscience through the recognition and approval of the similarities and communication bridges between different spheres of human expression as well as between different civilizations and cultures.

We believe that this is the bright and healthy side of globalization, when all universe forms one community, created by active and co-operating units. One ecosystem, one white sphere, which involves all colors in the right proportions. Our deepest wish is that the festival will be a radiating sphere which will awake and link the flame in all of us by its cultural influence.

Furthermore we believe and expect that the local population, which we consider as co-creators and not as spectators, will have a major role in this effort.

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